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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mystery Business

This is a very interesting elective by Professor Clive Holtham.
In the brief I read : "It is for students who are comfortable with ambiguity, who are attracted to uncertainties rather than certainties. Students are active co-producers of original knowledge, rather than recipients of pre-packaged knowledge." It was great and comforting to read these lines...

it made me recall how hard I had to battle to be able to use the term "ambiguity" in my PhD. For some reasons one of my supervisors felt that the term had a manipulative, obscure and negative connotation... In art and design this term is far from being considered negative upfront (unless of course you mean it that way) while from her perspective (management) it was quite risky and possibly even inappropriate. So... in the end I had to place a footnote to specify what I meant by ambiguous and ambiguity, clarifying I did not have any obscure, manipulative or negative intentions... bizzarro one might think... but it took just a footnote to solve the issue...
oh! the power of teddy bears!!!

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Daria's Lunch

Over the past few months I conducted a number of workshops under the name Daria's Lunch where participants have been using my suitcase to unpack the notion of collaborative practive through informal conversations and creative endeavours.
This has been to date very effective and pleasant... next week and the final PART 3 of the series is approaching - I am truly looking forward to see what we will make of it!
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