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Saturday, July 15, 2006

[my|your|our suitcase]

this is the name of an istallation which will be soon included in ParticipART (http://www.participart.org). It'll be interesting to see what comes out of it...
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quote found while surfing...

I found this at: http://lists.archivists.org.au/pipermail/archivists.org.au/aus-archivists/1999-June/001302.html

"Most Museums, most cultural endeavours, suffer from being subjected to too
much taste, too much elimination, too much selection, too much
specialisation! What we want (in museums and cultural records) is
all-sidedness, side lights, cross-references."

(quote from Percy Grainger in 1941 - quoted in the article "Parallax Error" by Naomi Cass, p. 52)
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vroom at Melbourne Museum

oh, the power of technology to create an immersive wunderkammern? http://www.vroom.org.au/ PLUS an interesting article on the idea behind it at: http://www.vroom.org.au/pdf/peepshow.pdf
I am yet to decide what I think about this matter... exciting idea and possibilities on one side... something that "still doesn't gel" on the other...
so I wonder... this might not have anything to do with technology itself but on how it's employed...
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Wunderkammern at the Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe, Germany

In this museum there are some examples of wunderkammern, but the site of the museum (www.landesmuseum.de) is in German so it's rather complex (at least with my poor German) to unpack it... but some nice bloke/sheila has some pics online. Check http://rubens.anu.edu.au/raid4/europe.0602/germany/karlsruhe/badisches_landesmuseum/wunderkammern/
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Monday, July 10, 2006

My personal website...

it's at http://www.darialoi.com
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