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Monday, November 17, 2008

References to Suitcase and Playful Triggers

Lectures and presentations
Stephen Viller, Sketching for domestic and ubiquitous computing design
Adwait Joshi and Will Odom, Novel evaluation methods
Patrick Dillon, A pedagogy of connection and education for sustainability
Claire Woods, Representations in research

Kimbell, Lucy 2008, Reassembling the visual, EPIC08
Yoko Akama et al 2007, Show and tell: accessing and communicating implicit knowledge through artefacts, Artifact 1:3, 172 -181
Sanders, Liz 2008, On Modeling - An evolving map of design practice and design research, Interactions, Volume 15 , Issue 6 (November + December), 13-17.

Presentations/workshops/online writings
AHRC, Review of Practice-led research in Art, Design & Architecture
Akama Yoko, The Tao of Design
Stephen Viller et al, The object of interaction - the role of artefacts in interaction design

Blog entries
The Mattress Factory, The triadic relationship between persons, tools and a new collectivity
Surrealist Milliner 12:05 PM


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